Nintendo Switch With Gray Joy-ConNintendo Switch With Gray Joy-ConNintendo Switch With Gray Joy-ConNintendo Switch With Gray Joy-Con

Nintendo Switch With Gray Joy-Con

  • Model: ND0621

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This bundle includes the Nintendo Switch console and Nintendo Switch dock in black, and left and right Joy?Con controllers in a contrasting gray. It also includes all the extras you need to get started.

Reviews (29)

by Rich Hirschinger

Me and my family have only just received it and it is awesome. So far, the battery does seem to be lasting a bit longer and for the casual gamer, like me, I'm enjoying it. I was slightly worried that I wouldn't get the updated version, but it wasn't an issue. I got exactly what I ordered.

by Natalie Muldaur

Good console if you can get it for MSRP, it took me weeks of trying to buy before I was able to get through the checkout process with all the scalpers buying them up within minutes. Don't pay over MSRP, the shortage is temporary.

by Jeanne Benfield

Just received it today( one day earlier then was told so that's a plus) took it out and plugged it in. My 8yr old daughter hasn't put it down since. And for all the people wondering and asking it is the newer model with the longer battery life, yes it is the one with the longer battery life so buy it now because no ones selling the new ones just very few and they're going fast