New Nintendo 2DS XL Pikachu Edition

  • Model: ND0634

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Enjoy built-in amiibo support, a fast processor, and playing Nintendo 3DS games in 2D.

Reviews (14)

by Stephanie Flinchum

Been wanting a switch for a while but since the full sized switch is sold out everywhere or hella high price gouged Super happy with my purchase! Been great for killing the boredom during quarantine

by Natalie Mendoza

Love It! Have thought about getting a Nintendo switch one day, wanted to, glad I got the Nintendo Switch Lite! It is fun! Glad can play Nintendo switch games on it! Very good system! Cheaper than the Nintendo Switch! Would recommend it to anyone that likes video games, wants something that is not as much as the Nintendo Switch, a little cheaper, is a good game system!

by Nathaniel Schears

The system can on time and I love that it came bundled with a game! I'm glad I got this deal for $299, so basically the game was for free! I'm a 30 yr old woman who loves playing video games. I haven't had a Nintendo system since my Gameboy Color haha! I love how portable this system is and how it can also hook up to a tv as well! I wanted something I can take during my travels for work and leisure and also set up on a big TV screen. There are multiple ways to play the system: hook it up to the TV, carry it around, take the joy cons off and set the screen on a stand, and the screen is touch screen! The Switch is awesome! If you're an older adult that loves to play video games, don't sleep on the Nintendo Switch!