New Nintendo 2DS XL - Black + Turquoise - REFURBISHEDNew Nintendo 2DS XL - Black + Turquoise - REFURBISHEDNew Nintendo 2DS XL - Black + Turquoise - REFURBISHEDNew Nintendo 2DS XL - Black + Turquoise - REFURBISHED

New Nintendo 2DS XL - Black + Turquoise - REFURBISHED

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Gamers of All Ages Can Play in Style with the New Nintendo 2DS XL System!

The New Nintendo 2DS XL system gives you the power of the New Nintendo 3DS XL system in a streamlined, affordable package—and plays a huge library of games in 2D.

The new Nintendo 2DS™ XL is available as an Authentic Nintendo Refurbished Product only from Nintendo, and it comes with our standard one year warranty. Although it may have minor cosmetic blemishes, it is guaranteed to be fully functional. We think you will find the standards for Authentic Nintendo Refurbished Products are VERY high.

  • A new look and ergonomic design: Colorful accents add style, while the sleek clamshell design makes it comfortable to hold.
  • 82 percent larger XL screens compared to the Nintendo 2DS system.
  • Lightweight, yet powerful: A fast processor offers short loading times, so you can start playing in a snap. and it's all in a lightweight, play-anywhere package.
  • Built-in amiibo Support: Tap an amiibo™ figure to the near-field communication (NFC) reader on the lower screen to enjoy amiibo features in compatible games.
  • So many games to play: You can play all Nintendo 3DS, New Nintendo 3DS, and most Nintendo DS games in 2D on this system.
  • More controls: The C Stick brings enhanced controls (like intuitive camera control) to compatible games, while ZL and ZR buttons give you plenty of options.

Includes Refurbished Black + Turquoise New Nintendo 2DS XL System, AC Adapter, stylus (color may vary), 4GB micro SD Memory Card, and 6 AR Cards.

New Nintendo 2DS XL plays all Nintendo 3DS games in 2D only.

Reviews (11)

by Janette Cabrera

I have to say this is a quality kit and I am using most of what came with it. Case is top notch the glass screen protectier is perfect and the back plate cover makes the switch much easier to hold. Can not go wrong for the price! I will say if you own a yellow switch Lite like I do put some paper towel inside the case where the back plate grips lay inside as mine did get some black staining. I wrote to the company and hopefully they correct this. Must have kit if you buy a Switch Lite!

by Tori Hall

It's very light, much lighter than the full console. The screen seems to have a lower resolution than most phones I've ever used, which is a bit strange. I can't say it ruins any games though. While the Switch is also mobile, this thing takes it to a new level by being much more convenient to bring around as a true handheld console. The Switch is heavy and not comfortable to use while laying in bed or on the couch. This thing feels just like using a 3DS. The Switch Lite is the best of both worlds and I'd say it is totally worth it if you enjoy a lot of Switch games.

by Alysa Jordan

Don't think that you will get the washed up green and pink you see on the box, these thing POP! Love the colors. since they are not normally sold in Canada (unless you purchase the Splatoon switch), they tend to turn heads. Great product, would not replace with anything else!