Joy-Con& Controllers (Neon Red)

  • Model: ND0640

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Pick up an extra set (or two) of Joy-Con, the controllers that make new kinds of gaming possible.

Reviews (8)

by Kolby Canada

I purchased this and a Nintendo Switch. This one seems sturdy and good quality... The more expensive Switch with the removable joysticks has already had a button fall off.. sending it back and getting a new one... fingers crossed it will be better quality.

by ramon veliz

My son absolutely loves his switch! Money well spent. Kids are HARD to entertain these days. I found the switch a great alternative to a number of things he COULD be doing.... drugs, drinking, thuggery. Although at 18 I'm thinking a job might be a good idea. Hard to find work when your skills include; gaming, cuteness, extremely tall, did I mention the gaming? Anyway, at least this keeps him at home, safe and out of trouble.

by Tyler Martinez

Great Nintendo variation of these great controllers.