Joy-Con& Controllers (Neon Red / Neon Blue)

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Pick up an extra set (or two) of Joy-Con, the controllers that make new kinds of gaming possible.

Reviews (9)

by Matthew Mattioli

I love my Switch, this console really brings me back to my childhood, there is something about it that recaptured that magic I felt playing my Super Nintendo and even the GameCube. I've played every Nintendo console and while I was a major fan of the early ones, after the Cube, I got sucked into the Xbox 360 and then the PS4, but, this console is the first I've played in years that brings me back to that childhood magic. I got this console on a whim after watching Detective Pikachu and realizing how much I missed Pokémon games, so I had to get Let's Go Pikachu and pre-order Pokémon Shield, as well as getting back into Mario, and checking out Fire Emblem Warriors which is totally amazing. All in all, not only are the exclusive games amazing, but, the console and even the joycon controller rig are something special. I can't put my finger on it, and I really can't put it into words, but this is a great system and for kids or those trying to rediscover the child inside of them, this is a m

by Christy Stout

The system feels like matte paint it doesnt or feels glossy. I like it this way, less finger prints etc.. but it can get dirty and stained quicker. Can not be atached to tv like the previous one. That i dont like as much but if u have both like i do. I just use this one as a back up. At first i thought u couldnt do multiplayer cuz, you cant remove the joy cons. But if you own or buy another set, it can still be other word you can still play mario party , kart etc 2,3 or 4 players..the downside again no tv. But so far the console responds and its still the same switch.

by Samoria Boston

I sold my original switch since I never used it to its full potential, then bought this lite version. The lite is exactly what I wanted. Very light, smaller, nice colors and a nice matte feel. Way easier to use in bed (in my opinion), and I have noticed i have been using it a LOT more than my original switch.