Joy-Con& Controllers (Neon Blue)

  • Model: ND0638

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Pick up an extra set (or two) of Joy-Con, the controllers that make new kinds of gaming possible.

Reviews (9)

by Thomas Cason

As advertised this is the new version oh so happy got it the new battery life is just a charm

by Claudia Bribiesca

Spent a lot of time looking to find a switch that wasn't overpriced, and after doing lots of refreshing and looking at stock informer sites, I was finally able to purchase one. Is in perfect condition, brand new, and delivered on time! Definitely worth the wait of getting it at standard pricing, now to spend countless hours playing ACNH!

by Debra Simpson

Ever since I bought a switch for myself, I cant stop playing it. Ofc, I picked the yellow color but there's also turquoise, grey, and coral pink to choose from out of the lites. The games are all fun, its easy to control and is use. The only complaint I have is battery life, it doesnt seem to last very long. Maximum time I can play is 3 hours. And the fact that you're able to create Miis but there's no Mii-centered games available, they're only there if you play Mario Kart, or in some challenges in Super Mario Deluxe. I thought that was kinda disappointing.